Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ice Breaker

Here I am, breaking the ice with our very first blog. The intent of this site is to update weekly regarding our (not) very exciting lives! :)

I survived summer classes and am now trying to find a temporary job that will pay well enough to cover rent and bills until my next round of student loans kick in. There have been a few nibbles, but our summer travel plans (and massive amounts of weddings to be in/attend) have really put a damper in my availability.

As I managed to paint the walls red with enchilada sauce and catch my favorite Christmas gift on fire (separate incidents, all accidental) the week before the 4th, we decided to keep our celebration low-key and NOT tempt fate with firecrackers. We cooked out in our comically small grill in the parking lot and then spread a blanket in the complex's front yard to watch fireworks over the lake across the street. It was a fantastic day.

To all readers: I hope you had an excellent 4th of July and will write at you later. :)

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