Monday, October 6, 2008

Great Friends and Good Times

This weekend we ventured to Wichita to watch Jeff Dunham in concert. We met up with Kym and her family at the hotel in park city and spent the afternoon catching up. We then went on the Great Hamburger Bun Hunt of '08 on the way to James and Melissa's for dinner.

Next up was the actual concert. Guitar Guy opened for Jeff Dunham, and his hit "Sarah Palin". His act was excellent, and we couldn't help but laugh at his stories. Jeff Dunham's opening act showed great promise for the upcoming bits. We laughed until we cried at Walter, Achmed, Peanut, Jose Jalepeno (on a stick), and Bubba Joe. It was a (mostly) family friendly adventure into the world of ventriloquism and the lives the characters have created.

We were able to catch up with Craig and his family (they were my neighbors back home). It is always good to see them and catch up. :) After catching up, we found $3 Long Island Ice Teas and spent the rest of the evening enjoying good company.

Overall, it was a great weekend, and I am very grateful to have gotten to see everyone. Our adventures continue... I hope all is well with you and yours. :)

Jeff, Heather, Craig, Kym


Anonymous said...

WHOA!!! I'm in a picture on your BLOG!!! I feel! It was an awsome weekend though.....and I've been craving some more of those $3 long island iced teas :) !


Jessie Mae said...

I am Jose Jalepeno! Man jealous you got to see Jeff -fa- fa DunHAM....