Tuesday, February 3, 2009

End of the week "meetings," smokey pool halls and football

Hello, world.  I thought that I would keep this post short and sweet.

First, the updates.  I finally got a hold of a person at the travel agency and they told me that since I was using flyer miles and hotel points that I had to book all of the arrangements myself (rather, the person who owned the points had to book all arrangements).  News to me.  News to Heather.  Not news to any person who has ever had enough points and miles to actually use them.  Lesson learned, and I'm all about learning lessons people.

Heather and I both had stressful weeks at our respective jobs.  Stressful for Heather because she is in her final semester of graduate school, is planning a wedding and has a fiance who admittedly fails to clean up after himself from time to time.  Hey, none of us are perfect, least of all me.

Me... Well let us all just say that in these stressful, uncertain economic times, those of us that are still gainfully employed should be very thankful.  I tend to stress about things that are way outside the bounds of my control (as if I could somehow stress enough to swing them my way...HA!).  I'm kind of an idiot that way.  Today I found out that I have no need to worry as my company is doing very well and continues to do well.  That means that I no longer need to worry about my end of the market at least.  YAY!

Now for the fun stuff and really the whole reason that you read this blog.  Emoticons: I was going to put the cheesy smiley face there but I don't know the key strokes to make one so imagine there is one there anyway.

Friday night, Heather went out with the ladies and I went out with the boys from work for a "team meeting".  Usually, the next morning after the "team meeting", I wake up with a headache, a sore throat and quite a few dollars lighter in the bank account.  Not so for this night (thankfully).  I went home early and so did Heather.  We were asleep by 11 PM.

Saturday, Heather worked in the pit of Hell and was let go early because they were slow.  We hung out the rest of the day.  We washed Heather's car (it's BLUE!) and we ran some errands that were of no particular importance.  In the evening, we met my uncle John and his girlfriend Chris at a local pool hall in Shawnee.  The atmosphere was smokey.  My pool game was on and so was Heather's.  We left early to get some sleep.  In bed by 10:30 PM.

Sunday, Heather worked until 4:30 PM while I played video games...er, while I washed my car (it's BLACK!) and went to the "grocery store."  We had been invited to go over to Adam and Amanda's house for the Superbowl.  We went and had a wonderful time (Popeye's chicken is the schiznit).  We left after the game was done.  In bed by 11 PM.

That was the week and the weekend.  Hope you all had a better one.  If you didn't, I hope that you get a good one soon.  Hang in there, we're all in this thing together.

TTFN <-- I understand what this means.  I don't have to like it.

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