Monday, June 15, 2009

Save the Dates

Ok, so we've been working on our Save the Dates (or "STD Cards," as I call them). Here is a tale of our weekend adventures with the STDs...

Friday: I returned home from doing errands to see a UPS truck about to pull away. After rushing to the door, I saw there was a notice saying I had a package come in. I chased down a very unimpressed UPS driver to sign for the package.

Saturday: We bought hundreds of dollars in "wedding stamps" to ensure we could mail our STDs, invitations, and thank you cards in style. Spent a few hours figuring out how to print of Return Address labels. Found out the 3,200 labels I spent $1.20 on at Office Depot were honestly too small to double as both return address labels AND address labels as was intended with the purchase (but hey, if anyone needs any return address labels, we will end up using less than 1000...). Spent around 2 hours stuffing envelopes with the STD cards and putting return address labels on them.

Sunday: Asked Jeff to print envelope seal stickers with our full names on them. Our STD cards do not have our full names, as we were intending to mail them as postcards to save on postage. They are too long to send as postcards, and our return address labels do not have our names. It was suggested that we put our full names somewhere on there for relatives out of town who maybe want to do some sort of "name play" for gifts.

Went to Wal-Mart at 1 pm to purchase actual Address Labels while Jeff printed envelope seal stickers. Weekends at Wal-Mart are definitely adventures in and of themselves... my calves are now bruising from the large number of carts rammed into me during said adventure. Returned home to find us unable to import/export Outlook contacts into the version of Word installed on my computer. Spent the next hour uninstalling, re-installing, and re-merging lists.

Address label template for purchased address labels could not be found or installed via new software. Had to crawl the internet and download shady template compatible with labels and version of Word.

2 hours down. Finally got compatible software. Word would not recognize printer. Spent next hour finding printer. Merged list would not show correctly so anyone with a significant other would be listed as "John and Smith" or "Smith John and." Spent next hour trying to fix this.

Printer was critcally low on Yellow Ink. Even though trying to print in Black. Printer shut down. Went back to Wal-Mart to get Yellow Ink. Got rammed once while in printer ink aisle.

Installed Yellow Ink. Printer now dangerously low on Magenta Ink, which was at medium levels before second trip. Back to Wal-Mart. Rammed twice in line to check out. Cashier called me a "frequent flier" and asked if I had everything this time.

First page of merged list printed outside margins. Stopped printing, which confused the printer. Now critcally low on Blue Ink, which had previously been listed as near full. Back to Wal-Mart. Nobody came near me, I'm guessing because of the steam coming out of my ears.

Address label paper stuck in printer. Jeff and I both trying to get paper out without ruining printer. Re-started printing. 1 page printed OK out of 5. First page down. Second page stuck again in printer. Stopped and fixed. Third page labels came off onto printer roller. Stopped and fixed. After another hour, another page printed ok, the rest had address labels stuck to the roller. Jeff threw in the towel and requested we postpone until next day. I was still determined. Back to Wal-Mart for different brand of labels.

Come home, realize the labels were the same ones I bought the first time. Scoured the kitchen for ingredients for a night-cap. None to be found.

Decided I refused to let the rest of the day waste (at this time it was 9:30) and spent the next 2 hours sealing, sticking names stickers, and stamping envelopes.

We will resume our address label print-off tonight. Wish us luck. Our printer may just get "Office Space"-d.

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Mary said...

This is one of the many, many reasons I plan to elope.