Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday weekend

Happy Birthday to me! Getting older was never so much fun! My friends and family all drove into town from Spearville, Topeka, Ottawa, and yes, even Olathe. :) In addition to all of the birthday festivities, Jeff and I had our bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Now, I happen to think that Jeff and I operate a little differently than the rest of the free world. For instance, while many take the "bachelor/ette" parties as an opportunity to "have one last night out on the town," Jeff and I marveled at how each of us informed our attendants (independently of each other and without previous conversation with each other regarding this viewpoint) that our parties were more of a "celebration of the exciting ways our lives were about to get better." Like I said, we operate a bit differently.

Here is a picture of my attendees standing in front of our sober ride in full bachelorette get-up:

Also, as of yesterday we were at the 3 week mark for the wedding... AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! You know that feeling when you are going somewhere, and the faster you try to go, the slower you end up going? Like spinning your wheels in mud... yes, that's how I feel wedding planning is going. I'm working on the checklists, but it just never seems to end. I know it will be fine int he end. I just keep telling myself that all we need is Jeff and I, 2 witnesses, and a priest, and at this point no matter what all of that is covered. We've even got the marriage license to make it all nice and legal. So repeating this should bring about less stress on the whole ordeal, right...??? Um, I'll repeat it A LOT more times this week and let you know next weekend... :)

Also, we spent our Friday evening having a "Housewarming Halloween" party for a few friends. It was, if I do say so myself, a FANTASTIC time. Jeff and I dressed up like Superman and Superwoman (originally planned for Jeff to go as Tinkerbell and me as Peter Pan, but we couldn't find a Tink costume big enough for him), and Duncan went as Spiderdog. We were truly an awesome crime fighting family this weekend. Saturday was Jeff's Uncle John's birthday, and we had a wonderful steak dinner at our place. Sunday brought all kinds of wedding errands, and I honestly feel a lot more calm about our upcoming nuptials. Now all we need is for things to keep happening as quickly as luck has had it today, and we are all set!!

Hope all is well with you and yours! :)

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