Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Surprise to James

This past weekend we went to Wichita to kick off the year's first of many surprise parties. We had a feeling James was clueless: this had been in the works for many weeks already. The plan? To show up at James and Melissa's doorstep Friday evening, go to a melodrama Saturday evening, and as a side, give James the best birthday EVER. It went like this...

Friday evening James began texting Jeff to see if they could meet online to game. Jeff, as usual, indicated we had something planned with my friends but would be happy to meet up later. As usual, my friends "can't shut up" and Jeff was stuck away from the XBOX throughout our drive.

A very unimpressed James met us at the door asking why we ended up getting to Wichita so late. I think he may have guessed at some point that we were headed that way.

Little Duncan, who is no longer THAT little at a whopping 63 lbs, had a great weekend playing with Boomer and Baxter, and we suspect cried the entire first night because he was not ready to stop playing and go to bed at bedtime.

The melodrama was amazing. We went to Mosley Street Melodrama Dinner Theatre and watched The Legend of Molly Malone, followed by an Irish Musical Review. It was a fun evening of dinner, theatre, comedy, and laughter with friends we always miss oh so much.

Also, James had the spotlight on him several times, as Melissa phoned in early and James was constantly called upon during the sketches. It was an excellent time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!! :)

Hope all is well with you and yours. :)

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