Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As with buying a new car, there comes the wonderful trip to the DMV to change over tags, register the vehicle, etc. I thought I would share with you experience #1 at the DMV (as I did NOT stay today and will need to go back at a later date).

I was almost hit in the parking lot, both while driving and then while walking. I do believe this could be one of the most dangerous places EVER!

Now, I want to preface all of this by stating that I have intentionally done some annoying things to speed up the line in the past (a rousing few rounds of the song "BINGO," anyone?). However, even my tricks could not have held up against what I faced before me.

I stood in the "check in/information" line for several minutes. I declined going to the 2 open kiosks for checking in because I had a few questions for the DMV Lady (as it has been several years since my last car purchase... DMV Lady will re-appear later in the story, so keep your eyes peeled). When it was finally my turn, I began asking my questions. As I am talking (and I am not even exaggerating or kidding in the slightest here), an arm REACHES around me to begin typing on the kiosk. I quickly survey the empty space surrounding the other 2 kiosks before I turn to confront the reach-around-er. "Seriously? You couldn't have gone to the other one? Do you mind backing up a little bit?" Because I turned slightly to confront the other woman, this apparently opened up an unidentifiable but pre-requisite amount of space at the counter telling the woman I was finished. She began asking questions over my head (because I was still standing there, after all). The DMV Lady began to answer them over my head! After this example, several people followed in suit doing the same thing. It was as if I was not standing there, and was booted to the back of the line even though I was at the front.

When I finally grew tired of waiting in the middle of conversations, it was time to wait the hour for my turn to register my vehicle. During the five minutes I actually waited, I was asked by three separate people where the restroom was located ("Do I LOOK like I work here?!" I wanted to ask, but politely answered "Further down that way, I believe.") I'd had enough. I went back to the DMV Lady to ensure I had the proper materials and that my waiting would not be in vain (my previous question that had been abandoned).

I noticed there was nobody standing in the 6 foot deep area allotted between the information check in kiosks and the back wall, so I took my chance. As I was standing asking my questions, I felt something jostle against my back. In turning, I saw a middle aged woman who obviously felt the clothing on us was an appropriate amount of space to stand and wait in line. I requested she ALSO scoot back. I got a sweet smile and no movement. I handed my ticket to the DMV Lady (who also saw nothing wrong with this scenario) and told her I would try again another time. She also just smiled sweetly.

Ah, the DMV. Another world that makes my mental health training go into overdrive and want to do social skills with anyone available.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

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