Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There are few things I enjoy more than my family and those I love. In fact, I would venture to say that there is nothing. Since Jeff and I's engagement, the people we love are determined to make sure Jeff and I each know EVERYTHING about each other (the good and the bad) in case we want to change our minds before blowing money on the upcoming wedding. A couple of things have come up on my side that I had completely forgotten about, made me smile, and that I would like to share with all of you. Enjoy. :)

First, my parents had a heck of a time teaching me about empathy and feelings. Either I didn't get it enough ("You mean I'M the only one that feels anything?!") or I got it waaaaaay too much ("Everything has feelings! I get it now!"). Now, as it turns out, the idea that really stuck with me was that EVERYTHING had feelings, from other people to animals to rocks, cars, and trees. It makes sense in a childish sort of manner... plants wilt when people don't talk to them, trees droop when people don't take care of them, rocks get... cold, cars don't start and get cantankerous. Plus, there are the dozens of tv shows and movies aimed at kids that give inanimate objects human qualities (The Brave Little Toaster, anyone?).

Needless to say, this idea resulted in the foundation of many childhood stories: the time I spent an entire winter smuggling in rocks and sticks to keep them warm, the hugs goodnight and well wishes that I went through when I thought nobody was watching, and the ritual of waving 'Goodbye' to things when we parted... the list goes on and on.

The second memory I would like to share with you is one of fire safety. When I was in 1st grade, we began our fire safety planning at school. This included drawing blueprints of our houses, mapping out escape routes, and practicing getting to our 'meeting spot' as quickly as possible with whatever we needed to stay safe.

So, of course, I was completely prepared the day my Mom accidentally burned something in the oven. I was all about following our fire plan, but my Dad was determined that it could be put out without the need for outside help. My parents listened to my crying fears, and told me I needed to do whatever I needed to do to feel safe. So I followed our fire protocol to the letter, including grabbing our cordless phone on the way out. My teachers would have been proud.

Following the fire protocol, I dialed 911 (in complete hysterics, at this time). I gave them our address, told the lady there was a fire in our house, and that I was safely outside. She then asked where my family was, and I sobbed my way through "they...are...still...inside...I...couldn't...get...them...out..." My Dad came out to check on me at around the same time that the ambulances, long firetrucks, and team of Emergency Responders rounded the corner. Our eyes locked, he saw the phone in my hand, and he just started laughing.

We are incredibly pleased and happy for all the trips down memory lane. If you, readers, have any particularly funny stories from our respective pasts, please feel free to share. I only ask that you make sure it is family friendly and does not incriminate either of us in anything illegal. :) I will let Jeff pick a few to share as well.

Hope all is well with you and yours. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I dont think there are many memories of jeff that arent incriminating ;). J/k. You are too funny Heather! I was laughing out loud and joe couldnt figure out what was going on!

jodirae5480 said...

I remember when I had just finished my first year at DC3 and that Memorial Day my dad passed away. But there were these three great friends that made the one hour drive to come to my house and see me. It was wonderful. It was even better when we all climbed in and out of my niece's inflatable volkswagon beetle with air balls in it on my front lawn. I still laugh when I think about that ramdonly. What a way to put a happy memory with a sad one. Thanks for being there when I needed you! Love you and congrats on your happiness!