Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of holidays, traveling and compatibility...

Holy Jeebus! It has been a long while since I (Jeffrey) have blogged. By the way, is that how you spell "blogged"? It feels unnatural. Anywho... I am sitting here, next to my beloved as she reads What Would Tyler Durden Do?, watching Jumper (a quality movie) and hammering away at the keys of my laptop.

I'm writing to you all to impart knowledge that I have gained over the past 10 days or so. First, I will tackle the holidays. The week before Christmas, my little cousin Emmalynn from Georgia was visiting my Uncle John. We got to spend a few days and/or evenings together and we had a blast.

We had a great Christmas in Kansas City and in Spearville. Thursday (12/25... you know, when Christmas happened) we were at my mother's house. We had a wonderful lunch and stayed until the early evening. My Uncle John and his girlfriend Chris came over in the evening. We watched a video on their vacation in Hawaii. The video was AMAZING! I'm a nut for all things underwater and this video was most everything that makes up my dreams. Uncle John and Chris left after the movie as we had to wake up early in the morning to travel to Spearville (where Heather is from, duh).

We left Kansas City at the absolute crack of dawn. I kid. It was really like 8 o'clock. Heather was a very anxious to be home and we really would have left at the crack of dawn had it not been for the dishes (really... don't ask). We got to Spearville in time for dinner and ate at the wonderful Windmill restaurant. That place is truly magical. Really. If you have the means to travel down there or live in that vicinity, I highly recommend it.

We had Christmas on Saturday with Heather's family. We both received wonderful gifts and spent the time laughing. Sunday, I returned home on the most fantastic route I think that I have ever driven. I took KS-56 to US-150 to US-50 to Emporia. It was a very tractor trailer free road. A fun drive too. I am a nut for fun drives.

I went home without Heather (the downside of the drive). She decided to stay down in Spearville until Wednesday (New Year's Eve for those of you who are keeping track... you know who you are). On Wednesday, Heather had scheduled a babysitting gig for the evening with the Coates' (an acquaintance from Spearville). I was ill, so I couldn't do much of anything. I hate the winter. What I really need is for the weather to stop doing the pendulum thing during freaking DECEMBER ALREADY!!!!!!!!! (Deep breathing now. Heather keeps reminding me: Breath in, breath out...)

Since Heather was sprung from her gig early, I celebrated the new year with Heather and her Mom (who so graciously brought Heather back to Kansas City). I had to work the Friday after the New Year (January 2, people) and Heather and our Moms hung out. Don't ask me what they did. I have no idea.

Saturday, was our busiest day. It was the day that we were to receive the results of our compatability test from the Catholic Church. In a nutshell, we are compatible. To go further, we are so compatible our priest thinks that we cheated on our test. We did not cheat on the test. We did manage to score perfect on 4 parts of the test (that means we agreed or disagreed with each other and our answers matched the Church's desired answers). HOORAY! Even when we disagreed with the church's desired answers, we agreed with each other. Doesn't that just make you ill at some level?

After our meeting with the priest, we went to Ottawa to meet Heather's Mom for lunch. We also had lunch with Heather's friend Haley, Haley's daughter, Brodie, and Haley's future mother-in-law, Monica. Heather asked Haley to be her co-matron-of-honor and Brodie to be a candle lighter. Brodie was a bit concerned at her role thinking that she would light herself on fire. We all had a good laugh and reassured Brodie that she would be fine. Later in the evening, we met with our friends Adam and Amanda for a long over-due dinner.

Sunday was a thankfully dull day. Heather worked at the pit (a.k.a. Applebee's) and I stayed home to clean and be sick.

YAY! You have managed to make it through all of the post without falling asleep. I mean you could have been folding clothes, performing your job functions or playing Scrabble. Whatever!

Thank you for reading our blog. Hope your holidays went as well as ours.

Sincerely (and I do say that with sincerity),

Jeff and Heather

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Anonymous said...

aren't those compatibility tests awesome??? we had a similar experience, it was a good time. Of course, we already knew we were compatible, and i think if you talk about ANY of that stuff prior to taking the test, it helps....I can't imagine NOT talking about those types of things if you are going to marry someone, but I am positive that it happens.

Anyway, congratulations on being compatible, and ...uh....visit?