Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tuxes and Florist

Horray!!! We got tuxes and our florist this weekend!!!

For those of you wondering, we were helped in Men's Wearhouse by a very non-impressed young woman with a lot of black eyeliner and piercings.

Our florist appointment was AMAZING (thank you Allison and Michael for hooking us up with her!!). Let me tell you, flowers have been one of the more difficult tasks thus far of the wedding planning. First, we had an appointment at the grocery store near our apartment. Jeff set up the appointment, the guy cancelled 2 times, and refused to meet during anytime that we were available. Jeff finally consigned to taking off work early to meet with him (he was adamant that he would not stay past 5 for our appointment... a problem since Jeff doesn't get off work until 5 about 30 mins drive from the store). I met with him alone, he was a jerk about the fact that my Mom is allergic to roses and I told him we could not use any (seriously, a JERK who kept making remarks like "Well if we COULD use roses... but I guess this will work, too"), and laughed when I told him Jeff would be in charge of the booking, call backs, etc (after all, Jeff is the one who had been making all of the arrangements thus far). I received phone calls from him, and Jeff did not, so that was the end of our non-existant contract.

The second lady was no better... at the next nearest grocery store to our apartment. Jeff took off work early because she could not meet us anytime OUR schedules would allow, and she did not show. End of THAT non-existant contract.

Finally, we were given the name of the lady we would book. Village Gardens. She was creative, gave us free reign, and actually listened when we talked and gave suggestions when we asked. Ah-mazing. So far in our wedding planning, we were able to get 2 of the big things out of the way, which leaves paying for some of the big things, but no other "big" things to book. :) *Sigh* Good weekend, all in all. :)

Hope all is well with you and yours!!! :)

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