Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Our dear friend Joe put it quite well when speaking of the birth of our Christ, so I am going to direct you to his site.

We spent much of yesterday attempting to travel. I say attempting, because for those of you living in caves, the midwest has been hit by a blizzard! AAAAHHH!!!! We anxiously watched the weather for days leading to the upcoming trip. We planned our routes based on forecasts and set off early in the morning. We had one stop to complete, but more about that later.

It started with rain and winds as we left the city. After we passed through Ottawa, it began to sleet. Stop here or continue on, we wondered? After phone calls to various friends along our chosen route, we decided to press forward in our journey. Soon we noticed an evident slowing of cars, the beginnings of snow gathering alongside the roads, and finally saw it: the first of many cars sliding into the ditch. Jeff began to sweat as our car began to slide sideways. We slowed our speed to under just 5 mph. Semi after semi after car after car after car appeared in the ditch. I made the decision. My sweet husband volunteered to keep pressing on until we could go no further. I pulled the plug on our mission 11 miles before and we headed back to the city.

It is now Christmas day, we are spending the day as a brand new family together. Our one and only attempt to leave the home this morning for mass was thwarted swiftly as it became stucker than stuck.

On the bright side, Duncan absolutely loves the snow, has been disappearing in and out of drifts all morning, and has made the disappointment of being from my extended family (and Jeff's until the roads are clear) more bearable.

For our stop, for those of you curious and still paying attention, we went to visit our wedding photographer and pick up our AMAZING photos! :) They did such a GREAT job!!!!! We are really pleased!!!!!!!!!!! There will be instructions on my facebook page on how to access and view them, and if you are merely a reader of the blog and not my FB friend, I ask that you please email and ask for instructions. :)

Merry Christmas to all!!! May God bless you as you celebrate the birth of His son!!!

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