Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey all, it's been awhile! We are expecting snow-maggedon here. I'M SO EXCITED (side note: I can work from home)!!!!!

The New Year has brought us many blessings so far: Jeff and I are both healthy for the first time since Thanksgiving-ish (we blame the kiddos I work with for bringing us the gift of contagious germs), we're happy, and Duncan is continuing to grow.

New Year's resolutions for the year include decreasing toxicity and dark energies in our lives (Jeff tells me I sound like a hippy... I have no idea where he gets this idea LOL). This means that we are going to spend less time stressing, less time with technology, more time cuddling with our puppy, more time laughing, and less time with people who try to make us feel like we're less than we are.

Jeff spent a weekend sanding, painting, and building for me to have a craft room/home office. I am excited to have my very own space where I can go to get some quiet time. He EVEN promised to help me move the Ugly Chair in from the garage, where it's been exiled since we moved into our house (BIG improvement, as he told the people helping us move that it would be ok to drop the chair in gasoline and accidentally light a match over it).

We also got to spend almost a whole month celebrating Christmas... Jeff's work party was on the 10th, mine the 16, family in town from the 18-23, celebrating with Jeff's mom on Christmas day, and with my family the weekend of the 8th. We truly had a blessed Christmas season with our families this year.

Jeff is now home safe, so I will sign off. Hope this message finds you healthy, well, and warm! :)

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