Friday, February 4, 2011

The Snow-pocolypse

You may have all noticed the last 2 titles of blog posts both contained the theme of what is considered to happen near the end of the world. While it is not 2012 just yet (tee-hee), these are also terms that the media have been throwing around freely over the past week or so.

While they may have used these terms as "shockfactor" to indicate a blizzard headed our way, I honestly remember worse from when I was growing up in western Kansas. We DID get quite a significant blizzard (it looked like an angry 5 year old was shaking a snowglobe violently outside of our home); news reports indicate our neighborhood got anywhere from 15 to 23 inches (how scientific is that... I can guess-timate that the North Pole's temps may vary from cold to colder, so THERE people who get paid to pay attention!). It WAS really nice to get to actually "do lunch" with my husband, who was able to work from home for 2 days (we had Heather-sized drifts in our street and driveway, and our garage door was iced shut).

We also have been shopping for new glasses for me. We realized my eyes may have began declining when Jeff's favorite game became "Guess what my wife thinks this movie is" on Netflix, but had no idea the significance of what would occur in my recent eye appointment.

For those of you following along at home, I have had glasses since 8th grade. At that point, they were more "optional" than not in order to work with my astigmatism. They became mandatory when I entered graduate school, as my eyes could not keep up with the amount of reading. At this point, they are pretty much a daily feature. I tell you this to explain how much of a surprise it was when my eye doctor suggested something that still makes me shudder to this day: bifocals. WAIT, WHAT?! I'm only 20-something!!! He noticed immediately my disdain for this recommendation and began backpedaling quickly; in truth, I may have been a bit forceful when I politely declined his recommendation. At this point, he explained, they were merely optional, although he indicated in 5 years they would no longer be optional.

This has, of course, rattled me slightly. My dreams have been riddled with my new white hair motif as I sit knitting in front of various situations (I kid you not). Jeff has had a few good laughs out of it. It has also made me think about our lifestyle. I cannot tell you the last time we went out with friends, the last time I went to a *shudder* bar (perhaps my bachelorette party..???), the last time I CHOSE to be young. I also spend much of my time doing responsible, previously thought to be boring things, like scrapbooking, cooking, and working. My biggest excitement over the past month has been getting groceries for a whole week for the total of $9.18 (thank you coupons!). Perhaps my dreams are not too far off.....

As most things that are labeled "optional" in my eye care, I have chosen to not partake in getting bifocals this year. I believe I will save this as a 30th birthday present to myself... if I can last that long. :)

Hope all is well with you and yours! :)

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