Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend

This past Halloween was much like every other weekend we have: jam packed with family fun!

Following a thrilling 2 day DBT training, we headed to Weston, MO for a surprise birthday party. I was surprised to find Weston was the home of many things, including a typical struggling college student's friend. We surpassed this particular area of town for the Pirtle Winery. With some time to kill before the birthday celebration, Jeff, Jaye, and I sampled award winning wines and decided to buy enough to support this business through the upcoming winter months.

Next, we snuck across the street to The Vineyards Restaurant before the birthday boy arrived. John had no idea we had driven up, and we shared dinner and laughter over candle light in this quaint old cottage. I can assure you, this was the best food any of us have EVER tasted.

Saturday brought time with my brother at our annual football game tradition. Each year, my brother and I select a KU football game to attend (usually falling between our birthdays) and go together as our big gift to each other. This year was no exception, and we gladly attended the KU/K-State Sunflower Showdown. For those of you who did not get to see it, the game went something like this.

Finally, the evening ended with a winning streak at the Argosy... a winning streak for everyone but me, that is. I'm sure the Argosy appreciated my contribution to their light bill. I left $5 up, but spent a good amount to win that money back. Other winners include: my brother. Yep, that's it. He's a lucky guy, and left with significantly heavier pockets.

Overall, it was a great weekend (one that we are still recovering from). Hope your Halloween weekend was fun and safe. :)

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