Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

This week, I'd like to change the tone of my posts just a little. Today, especially since it is Veteran's Day, I would like to take a moment to honor all past and current military personnel and the families that put it all on the line.

This is for the men and women who volunteered to go into battle and for those who had no choice. This is for those who have been or are currently being denied any assistance from the government after sacrificing their bodies, their health, and at times, their sanity. For those who have to have special accommodations to live, those who have no home, and those who lost everything, we thank you. For those who lay awake at night tormented by the memories that destroy any peace they may have, we thank you.

This is for the families of those in the service, who have risked losing a husband, wife, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, brother, mother, sister, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, or cousin for our rights. For those who have laid awake at night worrying about a loved one, and who watch the rest of the world go by without their hero, we thank you for your sacrifice.

For the vets who have no home, are struggling with addictions and demons of their own, and those who are ignored, we remember. For the families that have been torn apart long after their service ended, for those who are still fighting battles, we support you.

And for those of you who choose to work in this population, where the work is long, hard, and frustrating, with little compensation or reward, we thank you for taking the time to navigate all the hoops set up to prevent getting many the care they need. Thank you for advocating a great cause so that millions are no longer overlooked.

No matter what your political affiliation or your opinion on wars or conflicts, today is a day set aside to remember those who sacrificed.

To past and present service men and women, families of service men or women, and those fighting for them:


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Carol Collier said...

Hi Heather and Jeff,
Just wanted to say Hi. I check your blog ossasionally and enjoy it.
Your "Veteran's Day" made me cry. It was so great.
Thank you.