Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jeff and Heather's Wild And Not-So-Wild Weekend

Hello All! John Mayer here! Okay, not really. Wouldn't that be somethin'? It's really just me, Jeff.

Let it be known that this past weekend was a busy, wonderful and life-changing span of three days. It all started out with my birthday. Yay! I survived another year! We woke up Friday and had a wonderful breakfast, brought to us by the lovely and beautiful Heather, from Panera Bread Company. those breakfast quiches and pastries. We then spent the morning deciding on when to go see Quantum of Solace. Guess who picked that movie. It was actually way better than expected and impressed us on many levels, mostly the blow-them-up and kill-'em levels. After the movie ended, we decided that it was time to grab some lunch. It was actually around two o'clock, so whatever that is called, we got that too.

We attempted to go to Sakura for some sushi, but their lunch counter was closing when we got there and they didn't want to serve any more people as they probably wanted a break. So very bummed out and a little more than hungry, we went to Holy Land Cafe. We had a wonderful meal and had a few laughs. After lunch or whatever it is called, we decided to go home to just chill out for the rest of the evening.

Once we got home, Heather gave me the rest of my presents. Heather had been giving me little cards all day long, and she had already given me roses and a card the night before. Beautiful, deep-red roses to be descriptive. She gave me the gift of Fable 2 for X-BOX 360. I have been playing it non-stop ever since, life providing of course.

Saturday, Heather had to work during the day and I played video games with my friend James for most of the morning and early afternoon. James also took me out to an awesome lunch at Italian Delight, a favorite little Italian joint since high school for both of us. I would like to say thank you to James for making the trip from Wichita and seeing me while he was in town.

On Saturday evening, Heather and I had been invited to attend an early Thanksgiving celebration and Adam and Amanda's house. So we got our big eating pants on and journeyed over to their house to eat some traditional Thanksgiving fair at a non-traditional Thanksgiving time. Adam, Amanda, Allison and Michael all did a wonderful job in bringing the meal together. We thank them all for inviting us to the meal and getting together with us. I would like to thank them for inviting us.

Sunday was a big day! Lets see here. Where to start? I know...

Scene: Thursday, November 13th, 2008 (5:?? PM)
Jeff, that's me, is traveling home from work. He stops off at an undisclosed location to pick up a non-descript package. His cover? An emergency at work that will take him some time to sort out.
Jeff's stress level: 65%
Heather's suspicion level: 20% (estimated, duh)

Scene: Friday, November 14th, 2008 (All day)
Birthday celebration, day 1.
Jeff's stress level: -20% (yeah, home does wonders for the stress level)
Heather's suspicion level: Oh, look! String!

Scene: Saturday, November 15th, 2008 (All day)
Birthday celebration, day 2.
Jeff's stress level: 40% (gaming and had a dinner in the evening, multiple schedulings make me stressed)
Heather's suspicion level: Unknown, hates work though.

Scene: Sunday, November 16th, 2008 (there was time?)
1:00 PM--
Jeff, still me, had gone to the grocery store for roses (hmm...) and supplies for the next week. You know, your standard food and flowers run.
Jeff's stress level: 85% (shopping for groceries is fun!)
2:00 PM--
Jeff goes to second grocery store because first one did not have roses.
Jeff's stress level: 95% (stupid grocery stores...)
2:30 PM--
Jeff goes home to put groceries away and make roses into rose petals.
Jeff's stress level: 90% (roses are fragile, kids)
2:45 PM--
Heather calls Jeff to tell him she is on the way home.
Jeff's stress level: OH...MY...GOD!
3:00 PM--
After hiding the rose petals Jeff has made already and hiding the evidence, Heather gets home and hops into the shower.
Jeff's stress level: Just keep moving. Just keep moving.
3:01 PM--
Jeff starts decorating the apartment by making a rose petal path to the living room from the bedroom.
Jeff's stress level:
3:05 PM--
SHORTEST SHOWER EVER! Jeff dumps the bucket of petals on the ground and goes to the living room and gets down on one knee. What ever for...?
Jeff's stress level: Doesn't matter. On auto-pilot now.
3:07 PM--
Heather is dressed. Jeff is in living room. Heather materializes out of thin air. How does she do that? Jeff snaps out of it and asks her that all-important and life-changing question...

Heather accepts the proposal (that is what I was doing) and the rest is history. Well not actually. My mother had invited us over for dinner at her house with my uncle John and his girlfriend Chris. We had a wonderful evening and watched "Made of Honor." It's a funny movie.

To summarize, I got older, ate a ton of food with my good friends who I consider family, got engaged and had dinner with my mom and my uncle. All things taken into account, it was a wonderful weekend and one I will not soon forget.

For those who weren't paying attention or like to read ahead, HEATHER AND I ARE ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED! Stay tuned for a date!

Jeff "The Mighty Wind" Jones and Heather "The Happiest Girl on Earth" Hawkins


Anonymous said...

The time line and stress level add a very humorous punch to this blog. Loved ALL the details till the end! What did you say to her!?!--other than the obvious- "i love you will you marry me" standard proposal line. I like details. It was like watching a romantic movie-but not!

None the less, I believe you two already know how excited and happy I am for you. If i had a drink in my hand I would say *CHEERS* YAY!!!!!!

Love you both, and wish you lots of fun with wedding plans!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! James and I are very very excited for the both of you. The wedding planning is fun but as we now know exactly how prone to stress you are Jeff, don't let this planning get to you.
CONGRATULATIONS a hundred and one times! :)

James and Melissa

Jamie said...

Your stress level updates throughout the process were hilarious. I especially liked your thoughts on Heather's suspicion levels. In addition to string, she's also easily distracted by aluminum foil...just for future reference. I'm so happy for you guys - congratulations!!


Bean and Doo said...

Congratulations to the both of you. We couldn't be happier!

Love to you both. Let us know how the wedding plans are going.