Thursday, July 9, 2009

By my estimation...

Hey, everybody! Just thought that I would drop you all a line and let you guys know where we are at with everything. If you have been reading Heather's posts, you will know that we have been very busy lately. We are coming down to the wire with our wedding plans (okay, so 135 days isn't exactly down to the wire, but it feels like it). We, apparently, have plenty of more stuff to do than I had estimated we had left.

Religious obligations. We have to see our priest, Fr. Anthony, about completing our marriage preparation classes. Before we do that, I need papers saying that I am a good Catholic boy with all my papers in order. Heather has hers. I'm jealous.

Invites. Yes, invites. Those glorious announcements that we will indeed be having this wedding thing and that you, the recipient, have been cordially invited to our shindig. We have things yet to decide like if we should go with a color that matches our chosen colors, what font describes us as a couple, what color should the letters be and other fun things like maps, places of registry and the like. I thing lemon chiffon will do quite nicely (turns out I'm wrong).

Flowers. They smell pretty, look pretty and make me feel pretty. Er... That is not what I meant. We have yet to secure a vendor for this aspect of the wedding, but we are drawing a bead on one now.

Cake. Already have a person for the cake, I just need to tell her that she officially has the job and that I have the design for the groom's cake (I'm not telling yet).

Guest gifts. Heather is working on those. We can't decide between personalized mints or personalized pens or personalized shot glasses or personalized... There is a lot of stuff out there.

Grooms gifts. I got 'em. They are nice.

Other gifts. Haven't figured it out, but will soon. We are giving people.

Houses. Okay, so not really wedding centric. We are looking at houses (no big shocker there). Yep it is time for us to stop "throwing equity away" and start owning something in this big, bad world to call our own. Yes, mortgage debt. It is honestly scary to think about plunking down X.X% at one time and realizing that money represents 4 to 5 paychecks that you have spread out saving over the past N months. But it will all be worth it. After all, it is only money.

Various other stuff. Haven't figured it out yet, but it will hopefully come up before October 21st and give us plenty of time to react to it (as life is not "fair", I doubt that the plenty of time thing will happen).

By my estimation, we will be ready for the wedding by January...well that's not right.


Wishing you all the best.

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Anonymous said...

always love your posts :) ...But... Oddly enough... as I read, I thought you might be giving away people (.."we are giving people"...) o_o

Thought you might like a view into my twisted mind there...

Love you guys!!!