Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jefther: 3 Year-versary

Yep, I bet all you teachers reading this are mortified by my use of made up words. :)

I spent some time reminiscing about the last 3 years. Can you believe 3 years and a few days ago I received the text message that would change my life: "Can I monopolize your Friday evening?" or something to that effect... My immediate response of "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" was NOT well-received, I am sure. Then began the butterflies... I am not sure why they were there; it was not as if I did not see Jeff every single day anyway. We hung out between then, of course (the asking and the actual date, that is) and neither of us made mention of text or what lay before us. We were both on the phone with friends who were offering advice, clothing, and even step-by-step "how to"s of impressing the other.

Then the Friday came. I was so nervous, I changed clothes a million times (Jeff informed me he had come from his mother's house, where she chose the outfit that made me catch my breath). I finally settled on my "hot jeans" (much to the chagrin of everyone who voted for a dress) and basic black top. Jeff wore a yellow-golden button down with jeans and flip flops. I knew I was in trouble. And so it began...

You know, it doesn't really matter what we did. I know, I know, those were the activities that began forging our relationship. What struck me most about today as I was remembering that night was that we couldn't say goodnight. We went to dinner, hit golf balls, looked at pictures and watched home videos at my apartment, and then went to Old Chicago. It finally ended because we were too tired to hold our heads up, not because it was the end of the night.

Looking back, this is still something that I see in us. We both still talk into the wee hours of the morning or until someone falls asleep mid-conversation (this has been me, more often than not). We still want to squeeze every waking hour in with each other. Although we may not look the same as we did on that first night (my "hot jeans" stopped being a clothing option about a year ago), the true essence of who we are remains the same. And now, instead of excitement coursing my veins at the thought of our first date, words cannot express my anticipation for the wedding.

Jefther: 3 years going strong today. :)

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Kym said...

this made me cry damn it....