Monday, September 28, 2009

Posting from the New House

Ok, so here it is: the first post from the new house. We moved Saturday. It was the smoothest move I have ever been involved in. Our friends began showing up around 8, and by 12 the trucks were loaded up and we were arriving in front of the new house. Another 4 hours later, Jeff was returning the rental truck and we were surrounded by boxes. Later that night, our living room was set up (including all of Jeff's fun electronics), and we fell asleep on the couch, exhausted.

Overwhelmed, I think, is a good word. There's definitely more boxes than I ever could have imagined, more freedom than we've had in a long time (seriously, we didn't even turn down the tv last night when the clock turned 10), and Duncan has a backyard with which to run, jump, and play without feeling crowded. Life is good. :)

In addition, I was forturnate enough to have friends gather in my honor yesterday to celebrate Jeff and I's upcoming marriage. It is truly wonderful to know we are supported and loved. What a wonderful weekend!!! Now I think I'm going to put on my sweats (it IS a little chilly here) and go play with Duncan in that backyard. :)

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