Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today we carved out a slice of the world for ourselves

An approximately 11,800 sq. ft. slice of the world (give or take 200 sq. ft.). That's right. In the great tradition of American citizens, we purchased a house.

It is located off of Johnson Drive, in western Shawnee, KS, between Monticello and Lakecrest. Our beautiful new home (aged appropriately to fifteen years) is a spacious (approx 1600 sq. ft.), atrium split (the layout is like an unshuffled deck of cards). Big selling points for Jeff include a three car garage (the third car garage is a tandem for future...stuff), a modest kitchen and a backyard with a fence, wooden deck and a concrete patio. Yes folks, Jeff can finally grill again after three plus years of apartment living. Selling points for Heather include and are not limited to the fact that it is NOT an apartment, it is OUR place and the puppy can be as LOUD as he needs to be (yay for crate training!).

The house came with all appliances except the washer and dryer. Thankfully, the "Neb" has our backs there with crazy financing deals.

We are almost all packed and our move in date in the new house is 9/25. We will be painting three of the rooms before we move in so that the spaces will suite our tastes in wall colors (Jeff requires boring Johnson County beige). Also, a Jones brand delousing will be necessary as well. We will learn how to mow a yard again and the other copious joys of home rearing.

Stay tuned. It will undoubtedly be a fun move!

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