Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mystery of the Missing Music

Is it so hard to order music online and get it? Apparently it is.

I originally found all the music for our wedding the first weekend of September. During the period of time surrounding the move, Jeff and I were labeling the music to mail to our musicians and *ahem* ONE of us decided it was a bit too drab. AHEM. :)

So we went in search of happier mass music (that we felt would encompass and represent the joyful theme of the day). Enter Mass of a Joyful Heart. Excited, I ordered the music immediately online. We went about our busy lives, and it occurred to me a week ago that the music never arrived. You know, the music that I ordered and paid for? Yeah, that music.

I called the lovely people, who told me that the ordered had been stopped in their computers... nobody could tell me why, but that the music had never been shipped because someone had STOPPED the order. Oh, it was still paid for and sitting there ready for me. Just never shipped. Promised to be shipped by the end of the day, and that it would be in my hands by Friday.

Well, Friday came and went. I thought maybe the time difference could account for the missing music (after all, it WAS being shipped from Oregon). I even considered that they would be sending it via the Oregon Trail... ok, that was a lame joke. But still, I was willing to give them every reason for it to not be here by Friday. Monday came and went... Today I called again and stressed the importance of receiving this sheet music BY TODAY.

I have now been promised that it would arrive within 30 minutes. A very understanding woman in the customer service department shared with me that she had just gotten married as well (have I ever talked about this "gift" that I have????) and detailed some of the stressors she dealt with before her nuptials.

30 minutes later, nothing. 45 minutes later... still holding my breath. Finally, almost an hour later, it arrived. Wedding music is here! HOORAY!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours. :)

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