Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Weekend

Overall, I'd like to think this weekend was a big success. This weekend, the fruits of my labors came together for Kym's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. Of course, I could be biased about how great it went. :)

The festivities truly began last weekend, as I finalized details of the weekend, picked up what I thought was the last of the decorations and miscellaneous items needed, and bought the outfits I was to wear to the parties. Thursday, Jeff's Mom was nice enough to bake 2 cakes for the shower (chocolate sheet cake and carrot cake -- YUMMY!) for me to pick up after a LONG day of working. Friday brought driving, baking the last cake, seeing my family, and seeing Kym. I also had a few panicked moments when I was told some guests (who had not RSVP'ed) were coming into town (and may be bringing their children to the shower) where I ran back to Dodge to buy what was truly the last of the decorations and extra supplies for said guests.

All in all, the parties were a smash hit. I absolutely cannot thank my Mom for helping, the other bridesmaids and families members who helped decorate and put everything together, and the guests who came and made Kym's day memorable.

The festivities began Saturday at 11 as we decorated the hall and ended at 230 am when I arrived home after the bachelorette party. Yesterday, I made the 6 hour trek back to KC and arrived exhausted and exhilarated. Duncan had apparently been sitting watch at the garage door for my arrival since Friday evening, and wasted no time greeting me with puppy kisses, puppy cuddles, and puppy farts. Jeff was even excited to see me, too. :)

In all, it was AWESOME seeing my family and friends, and seeing the labor of the last 3 months finally come together into an amazing day for my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours. :)

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