Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Road Trips

I love road trips. Let me clarify, by "road trip" I mean anywhere we have to drive that involves being behind the wheel for more than an hour one way. The longer the trip, the more I love being in the car. There is just something about the freedom of being on the open road, a destination (or not) in mind, and the ability to be somewhere other than where you started at the end that really makes road trips fun for me.

Growing up, my friends and I used to take road trips to Hays, KS. In that hour and a half we would sing along to the radio, create hundreds of unforgettable moments, and laugh our way through the countryside. Most often we would use the excuse that Hays held the nearest Fashion Bug, but in truth we were seeking that freedom that accomapnies a gassed up car and the open road.

Now, I'm sure you can tell that there was not much in the way of entertainment growing up in good ol' Spearville. In fact, this is where my favorite part of road trips comes in. Because there were no movie theaters, malls, or anything else that teenagers might find interesting, our entertainment often came from *other* venues. I can clearly remember when the Sobers' house burned down; I joined in with many of the other townsfolk in putting lawn chairs near the curb and sitting to watch the show. This also carried over the my adult life, where for my 21st birthday and college graduation the local police raided my next door neighbor's home. I had a PERFECT view from the front porch and couch in the living room (it started to get cold).

That said, I like to watch our heroes in action during road trips. No, I don't like to see accidents where people are legitimately hurt, but give me police handing out speeding tickets, sheriffs handing out tickets, high patrol persons handing out tickets, and fender benders. Maybe I should follow Elvis Alonzo Barrett, better known as Number 3 here. Actually, I think the first one would also be fun to follow. :)

This weekend, where we went to James and Melissa's, I had the perfect opportunity to gawk and watch as people were getting pulled over left and right all the way down and back. Oh, and Jeff and I had some good conversation and stuff.

We have been traveling to Wichita over the past few months to help with finishing various parts of James and Melissa's basement. This weekend we were to help move furniture downstairs... like many other times when we arrive, James had gotten bored and done the work himself before we got there. Their basement is BEAUTIFUL! It's hard to believe the difference between before it was started and now. Needless to say, all that was left was to laugh, catch up, play video games, and sleep. That's what I call a great weekend! :)

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Update on Neighbor Feud:

1. A young man I worked with suggested taking a case of beer up to them as a peace offering and bribing them into silence. I surveyed them, and judged their age to be about 19. If things go down, I won't be held responsible for buying them liquor and don't want to share any beer that may come to our apartment.

2. Our complex reported there is a section of the local police department that specialize in noise complaints. Jeff and I have discussed it and do not feel as though it is that severe yet. Also, noise complaints do not cover "blood dripping through the floor," so sorry Jamie (but we are keeping that in our back pocket for if things do not work out otherwise).

3. Finally, a girl at work suggested this. Now that I am equipped, let's really get this game started......... :)

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Anonymous said...

Awww!! I miss our road trips!! Gotta love the memories!