Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Week

So this week my life has been full of big and exciting changes. First, I bought a hair straightener and have been playing with my look (pictures to follow in next week's blog). Secondly, I bought a bunch of new clothes (some of which I could afford and some I could not) to continue to experiment with this new look. I have a bubble gum pink top that I am not quite sold on, but that Jeff loves, so we'll give it a try. He just keeps reminding me that I am female, and this is one of the ways our society chooses to express this.

The next few big changes have to do with school. Are you ready? I am THISCLOSE to having my application ready to send in (just waiting on my professional references to get their sections back to me). Also, I am now a part of KU Greek life. I know, this may come as a shock to those who know me and my opinion of sororities/frats, but this seems to be a lesser evil due to Sigma Alpha Lambda being an honor sorority. Finally, the blog I wrote on Veteran's Day thanking Vets, their families, and workers in that population was published in the Prairie Sentinel, Fort Dodge's newspaper (on page 3 between the Donations list and Recipe of the Month).

Hooray for all the exciting changes happening and those coming up! Hope all is well with you and yours!!! :)

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Bean and Doo said...

I saw the straight hair on facebook. I love it! Just out of curiosity, how long does it take?