Friday, May 1, 2009

American Idol Predictions

Like many, we have been struck with the American Idol bug for the past three years. I would like to take a moment to discuss candidates and give my prediction regarding who deserves to win and who deserves to be voted off the island... er, show.

I would just like to highlight some of the contestants that are no more before moving on to my predictions:

Anoop - I was really sad when Anoop got kicked off. I think it was a natural reaction of America when Kutner from House completed suicide. I think people freaked out and the effect was a lowering of Anoop's votes. 'Cause seriously, this guy could really sing.

Megan Joy - You had one song, one style. Get over it. You should have been the first to go.

Michael - The blue collar theme kept you on. You were just "OK," and I think I once probably dated someone that sang better than you. If you had not been in the Oil Rig profession, you would not have made it to the Top 13.

Lil Rounds - You scare me. I think you were good for the first song in the Top 13, and then I think your talent took a nose dive. You sucked, you sucked, you sucked, and I think you should have been gone the 2nd round.

Scott - I think your voice was amazing, and I was also a little offended when they made you the "face" of all disabilities. People are individuals, and while I think it's wonderful that awareness was being raised about disabilities, I feel as though the focus should have been on you singing and you succeeding, not all the things that hold you back.

Matt - I have not seen the last performance, but you have been struggling for awhile. I am not surprised that you are gone.

Now, on to the Top 4!!! *disclaimer* We have DVR'd the last week's show, but have not seen it yet**

Danny - You have the super talented, incredibly attractive, emotional depth thing going for you. While I think it is horrible your wife recently passed, I think this information will work to your advantage while America cries with you.

Allison - Love the hair, think you will be ok for a career. Do not think you will win but think someone will pick you up ala Kellie Pickler.

Kris - You are the guy we forget week after week after week. I honestly could not remember you for the first 6 weeks! Every time you came on, I was surprised because I could not remember you! I also think it is funny that your wedding ring is so prominent... I tell Jeff if he ever goes on TV for anything, I will be making an extension for his wedding ring so it can rival yours and let all the world know he is taken. Overall, I think you are an amazing singer, but I think I would like to watch still photos of you with a sing-over. The thing you do with your jaw drives me nuts.

Ah, and finally Adam - I have loved you since your audition and since you said something about being on Wicked. While I am somewhat concerned that you seem to somehow sexualize every song (does anyone else see the hip movements????), I also think you have what it takes to be the next American Idol. I heard you were in the bottom 2 this week; I think if you go it will be reminiscent of Chris Daughtry and a deal you couldn't refuse.

I know you have all been dying to hear my prediction, so here goes:

The final 2 will be.... Adam and Danny. From there, the votes will split and Danny will get all the straight crush votes, empathy votes, wholesome value votes, and good song votes. Adam will get the gay crush votes, bi-curious and out votes, theatre and art votes, and young kids who noticed they can dial numbers on Mommy and Daddy's phone to make them match the ones on the TV!

It will be close from there, but I think Adam may win by just a few. Here you have it. May the cards fall as they might. :)

I hope all is well with you and yours.

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Jamie said...

This post makes me want to actually watch American Idol. But I won't, I would probably end up yelling at the television.