Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok. So to catch you up on my pathetically boring life, I passed my exam, have been filling out applications for employment praying desperately that someone will need my services BEFORE I run out of loan money, and reclaiming my title as a Domestic Diva. Ok, you 2 in the back row can stop laughing, because there was a smidgen of hope for a minute that this could happen.

I also had the opportunity to repair things that had been neglected in my time at school. Case in point: I decided to re-pot a plant. I have seen my old roommate Jamie do this many times (and I say "old" not because she's actually old, but because she is no longer my roomie). I figured it would not be that hard. After all, it was just moving one plant from a bowl thing to another bowl thing and adding extra dirt. All in all, I'd say it went pretty well.

It can still pull through, right? I'm rooting for it.

Saturday Jeff and Adam decided to take Amanda and I out for a nice dinner at McCormick and Schmick's on the Plaza to celebrate us passing our licensure exam. The food was fantastic and the company was even better.

It was apparently Prom night around town, because we got to see some wonderful dresses and suits. There were even 2 guys dressed up like Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber that Adam made stop in an intersection so he could get pictures of them. I was surprised by the amount of Party Buses driving around; High School has sure changed! (Anyone remember moving the combines out of Kathy's shed so we could have space for a pre-prom dinner and after-prom party?!) I also recognized the Mayor and his wife out for a walk, so I decided I should probably be neighborly and wave and say hi and take a picture. Adam got pictures of them looking terrified and quickly walking away from us. Next stop was Brookside for their annual art show. It was awesome, but by that time everyone's shoes were starting to get pretty uncomfortable and we headed home to nurse our ailing feet and ankles. All that dressing up and walking around is hard!

Then I filled out more applications.

Sunday our caterer invited us to crash a wedding so we could see the food layout and take home some of the deliciousness. I'm sure the Bride and Groom didn't mind, right? And even if they did, I was the best Chuck Vindaloo there could be (from the movie "Wedding Crashers"). It will be difficult to decide on our menu, as we are being forced to choose between DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS, and DELICIOUS. All in all, though, I think our wedding guests will be pleasantly surprised with whatever we pick. DELICIOUS.

Monday I filled out more applications (noticing a pattern?) and worked on the plant. Tuesday was my last Grief and Loss class, which I am partly glad. For those of you who know me, I do not do grief well and crying once a week was starting to get old. Also, Jeff says that I am incredibly morbid now and he does not seem to be appreciative of my efforts to pre-organize our estate should we pass in an untimely fashion.

Next up is my last Solution Focused Brief Therapy class, and then on to Graduation! Hope all is well with you and yours! :)

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Jamie said...

I'm impressed that you're able to recognize your mayor...I don't even know who mine is:-( I'm a bad citizen. Also, thanks for clarifying my "old" status. Good luck with your dead plant.